Life and ministry in Montreal at McGill University

I recently finished my internship with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Toronto. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a mission organisation that disciples, walks life with and builds up students to be fully devoted followers of Christ. We go to the hurting areas of campus. We love students. We invite them to investigate who Jesus is through fellowship and scripture study.

Jesus brought me to Toronto to show me His heart for His people. He is this God that longs for relationship. He is this God that comes near and listens. He makes space and He is calling this generation to be in right relationship with him. He is this God that sees the hurting, sees the need and longs to know His people.

Upwards to 80% of youth who grow up in the church, leave the church. The statistics are staggering and saddening. I firmly believe that Jesus really longs this generation to know Him. I didn’t grow up in the church. I came to faith in University, but so many of peers did grow up in the church. Throughout my time in University I saw a lot of them who were bored with God and stagnant in their faith experience a new picture of Jesus is in community through studying scripture, choosing into intentional community. My life has been forever changed by followers of Jesus who have spoken truth and challenged me to be someone who is fully devoted to Jesus. God has burdened me with this generation. I have seen the urgency. Students across this country are looking for purpose, healing and identity. Jesus alone offers life.

God has called me to love students and point them to Him. During my internship in Toronto I saw countless students really experience a fuller picture of who Jesus is. Jesus gave them life this year and called them to be in right relationship with Him. Jesus met them where they were at and they said yes to being people who are fully devoted to Him.
I have moved to Montreal to join staff with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship where I am working with Undergraduate students at McGill University.

We have a student leadership team of 20 students that we will lead and disciple and lead into mission. The hope and vision for McGill is to be a community of people that loves Jesus and goes to hurting areas of campus to show the love of Christ and invites them into relationship with Him. We do this through scripture study, fellowship, walking life with them. My heart is for students to come to know Jesus. My heart is to invite students into mission, to invite them to be bold for the sake of the Gospel. Jesus doesn’t need us to defend him, but He calls us to be people who are fully devoted to Him. It is my earnest hope to invite students to live a life fully devoted to Him because Jesus alone offers life. My life has been forever changed by the Gospel and I have heard the call to go and do likewise.

During my internship in Toronto, the thing that I was most struck by was the incredible urgency for this world to know Jesus. I never saw the urgency before. I never grasped how much I myself needed Christ but I have tasted and seen the life that Jesus has for me and this world and the invitation is clear: Go and make disciples of ALL NATIONS.

Please pray for me as I jump into this humbling and incredible ministry. I am in over my head. Jesus is the one who brings life but He has invited me here to Montreal to join Him in His mission and His work. Pray that I would be faithful and willing. Pray that minute by minute I would do it in His strength and not my own. Pray for me to find community here in Montreal and to live a life of mission.



One Response to Life and ministry in Montreal at McGill University

  1. Ruth Copland says:

    Yes i agree and I love that you are called by God to love him and his students at McGill. Blessigs, strength and joy to you from Jesus!
    Ruth Copland

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